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Baseball’s Best and Worst Runline Bets

MLB Runline Betting Records

Want to make more money betting baseball? Easy, just start making runline bets. Well, maybe it’s not that easy because you still have to make the right pick, but there’s a handful of teams you should be targeting in runline betting as well as a few teams to stay away from.

Betting moneyline favorites in baseball isn’t often an extremely lucrative venture, but betting the -1.5 runline is a great way to get more bang for your buck. Using the San Francisco Giants as an example, if they were -110 on the moneyline in a game vs the Arizona Diamondbacks , but +175 on the runline and went on to win the game 6-2, here's how the profits would look:

Difference in profits based on a $100 bet: Moneyline $90.91, Runline $175

So before you make that moneyline wager, check out our list of the best and worst runline bets in baseball and watch your profits soar. Be on the lookout for matchups between teams with a high number of runline wins and teams with a high number of losses of two or more runs.

Team Profit Runline Record Wins by 2+ Runs Losses by 2+ Runs
Yankees2171.6274-51 (59.2%)6829
Athletics883.5969-54 (56.1%)5137
Rangers875.6869-54 (56.1%)4143
Nationals608.5868-54 (55.74%)5237
Indians469.7467-57 (54.03%)6038
Diamondbacks442.7168-56 (54.84%)4741
Cardinals318.5365-56 (53.72%)4840
Twins232.0868-55 (55.28%)5837
Blue Jays177.0964-62 (50.79%)4053
Reds107.8966-56 (54.1%)4041
Cubs28.0059-64 (47.97%)4838
Angels-156.2763-62 (50.4%)4850
Dodgers-227.3362-63 (49.6%)6127
Mets-239.5163-60 (51.22%)4442
Astros-372.0963-61 (50.81%)5931
Phillies-412.7358-65 (47.15%)4948
Giants-438.7865-59 (52.42%)3450
Rays-570.9462-62 (50%)5737
White Sox-582.0758-64 (47.54%)4255
Marlins-586.2961-61 (50%)3360
Braves-639.2559-66 (47.2%)5139
Mariners-1088.9460-64 (48.39%)3453
Royals-1398.2358-65 (47.15%)3561
Padres-1454.4056-66 (45.9%)3749
Rockies-1606.1256-67 (45.53%)4150
Pirates-1757.6857-65 (46.72%)3751
Brewers-1769.1855-68 (44.72%)4245
Orioles-1804.3652-71 (42.28%)2970
Tigers-2082.3550-70 (41.67%)2767
Red Sox-2521.4154-71 (43.2%)5044

Data updated on August 17th, 2019, 09:07 PM.